I used to have my work experience on this page, but that’s limiting. You can always go to my Linkedin (link below) for that.

At the same time, if I start to talk about my whole self here, that’s also going to be limiting. Yes, I’m confused like that! That is my motto, actually: Constantly confused. I have a t-shirt with that written in a fancy font.

To really talk about myself I’d have to have a personal blog or something, so I can talk about myself while I, myself, change. And here, the idea is to talk about some tech stuff that I like to do.

Well, I started this text trying not to talk about myself, but that and the three paragraphs above end up saying a lot about myself, I think.


Versions of Me

I used to have pictures here, so you know who’s talking to you through these words. However, people keep using my pictures to try to scam friends and family members into giving them money.

“Este mundo é mesmo muito terrível grazni voni, Ó, meus irmãos” (Laranja Mecânica, Anthony Burgess)